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The United Way of St. Clair County had identified community needs in Counseling Services, Emergency Services, Health Services, Non-Profit and Community Support Services, Special Needs Services, and Youth Services and has provided resources to address these needs.

Counseling Services:

Identifing and addressing issues related to mental and emotional problems, alcoholism and drug abuse for individuals who are uninsured or underinsured and providing match grant funding for state grants for substance abuse prevention programs for the general public.

Catholic Social Services - United Way supports substance abuse prevention and treatment programs, as well as family and youth counseling.

Downriver Community Services - United Way supports mental health and substance abuse and family counseling in the downriver area.

Community Action Agency of St. Clair County - United Way supports money management for recently unemployed individuals.    

I.M.P.A.C.T. (Center for Human Resources) - United Way supports substance abuse prevention, treatment and mental health programs for individuals with alcohol and drug dependency problems.

Peoples' Clinic for Better Health - United Way supports medication assistance and counseling services.

Emergency Services:

Preventing homlessness and providing basic human services for those who are homeless. Providing information and advocacy services for individuals and organizations reguarding human services in St. Clair County.

Community Action Agency of St. Clair County - United Way supports the Emergency Housing Assistance Program and Case Management services for families at risk of becoming homeless.

First Call for Help Information Line -  United Way supports a help line for residents seeking human service information and provides individual advocacy when needed.

The Harbor - United Way supports educational tutoring and supplies, in a residential setting, for children separated from their families enabling them to maintain their education.

Mid-City Nutrition Program - United Way supports group meals (Soup Kitchen) activities to prevent homelessness and help those who are homeless.

Safe Horizons - United Way supports the domestic violence Shelter and the Pathway Homeless Shelter, in addition to case management for supportive housing units fousing on self-sufficiency.

Health Services:

Assisting in the provision of affordable healthcare to the underinsured and uninsured in our community.  Providing affordable health screening and medical supplies to County residents.

Council on Aging, serving St. Clair County - United Way supports the pharmaceutical prescription program and prescription assistance for at-risk and low income seniors.

Downriver Community Services - United Way supports healthcare programs for the homeless in the dowriver area.

Community Action Agency of St. Clair County - United Way supports the pharmaceutical prescription program and prescription assistance for at-risk and low income non-seniors.

Peoples' Clinic for Better Health - United Way supports the Medication Assistance Program providing pharmaceuticals for adults who are uninsured or underinsured who have life threating illnesses.

Community Dental Clinic - United Way supports assistance for unique dental needs for uninsured/low income/at-risk individuals.

United Way Cancer Services of St. Clair County - United Way supports unique and unusal cancer needs, advocacy and case management for County residents.

United Way Medical Loan Closet - United Way provides durable and disposable medical equipment and supplies for loan to County residents in need.

Visiting Nurse Association/Blue Water Hospice - United Way supports Hospice Care Programs and A Time to Remember for families in need of special help.

Non-Profit and Community Support Services:

Actively participating in the collaboration and coordination of the community's resources to effectively impact the most pressing of human service needs.

Michigan League for Human Services - United Way supports the gathering and dissemination of data and statistics reguarding human service needs in St. Clair County to non-profits and government.  U.W. annually reviews and monitors the match grant to Michigan Rehabilition Department which provides vocational retraing for residents.  U.W. co-sponsors the National Association of Letter Carriers Food Drive annually which stocks soup kitchens and food pantries countywide.  U.W. provides information, representation and coordination for nonprofits through participation and presentations at governmental meetings and collaborations.  U. W. Provides networking, materials and training opportunities to support the non-profit community on a regular basis.  U.W. Provides management of the Federal Emergency Food and Shelter Board for St. Clair County.  U.W. provides coordination of major in-kind contributions to non-profits from business and government organizations. U.W. provides training materials for literacy tutors through the Literacy Council.

Special Needs Services:

Assisting citizens with developmental and physical disabilities, who are capable of employment but are unemployed, develop skills leading to employment.  Providing recreation and advocacy programs for citizens with these developmental disabilities.

The ARC of St. Clair County:

United Way supports assisted living, advocacy and recreation programs, and the customized employment program for the developmentally disabled. 

Epilepsy Foundation of Michigan - Epilepsy Foundation of Michigan is a Partner Agency.  The organization provides seizure information and advocacy services for individuals dealing with epilepsy.

Goodwill Industries - United Way supports vocational evaluations and development, employment planning, and e-commerce training programs for developmentally disabled individuals preparing them for entry or reentry into the work force.

Hemophilia Foundationof Michigan - United Way supports information and disease appropriate opportunities for those residents affected with bleeding disorders.

Michigan Association for Deaf and Hard of Hearing - United Way provides educational opportunities for individuals affected by hearing loss and information and assistance for all ages regarding hearing loss conditions.

Michigan Rehabilitation Department - United Way annually funds a match grant to M. R. D. that provides vocational retraining for unemployed residents to reenter the workforce through Goodwill Industries and The Arc of St. Clair County.

United Way of St. Clair County - Provides transportation for visually impaired citizens to conventions/conferences.

Youth Services:

Providing youth with programs and recreational activities, which promote citizenship, education, standards and values through appropriately trained adult role models.  Targeting programs for at-risk and economically disadvantaged youth to prevent delinquency, and encourage positive adult and peer relationships.

Blue Water Council, Boy Scouts of America - United Way supports countywide comprehensive youth development programs, including special needs units, at-risk units, and adult training opportunities.

Department of Human Services - United Way supports a foster youth program by providing materials.

Girl Scouts, Michigan Waterways Council - United Way supports membership outreach to at-risk and financially disadvantaged youth, and adult training opportunities.

S.O.N.S.(Save Our Neighborhoods and Streets) - United Way supports after school programs, S.O.N.S's basketball and a Junior/Senior High School Activities Program for at-risk and financially disadvantaged youth.

Y.M.C.A. - United Way supports Progressive Swim, Bus with Gus, a recreational program, and Kid's Club an at-risk after school activity program at Woodrow Wilson Elementary School.


For contact information for each agency visit the Agency page.